Here at Visa Loans, we provide loans for our Filipino clients who are in the process of obtaining an Australian work visa.

Visa Loans provides immediate cash loans from $5,000 to $20,000 to help Filipino workers pay the cost involved in obtaining a suitable visa and travelling to Australia. We also provide funds for your family, so they do not experience any financial pressure while you are settling into your new Australian job.

400/482 Visa Loans

12 , 18 and 24 month term loans.

Custom rate loans

at a lower interest rate.

Vehicle Loans

at competitive rates.


How does a Visa Loan work?

Our loans are regulated by the Australian government so certain information must be provided before the loan can be approved.


Hear from our clients

Thank you to Visa Loans! They made the funding of our visa expenses simple and painless When I needed further funds to assist my family to move to Australia they again helped me

M Balquin

Visa Loans were so easy to deal with. They advanced funds before I even arrived in Australia. This allowed me to pay my Visa costs and also leave funds for my family When Covid caused me to be laid off they even provided interest free funds so I could survive. Thank you Visa Loans.

A Magboo

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to pay a loan from your company very fast and very conveniently. The people involved are so kind and understanding. I hope they can help many people. I recommend it to all people who need a trusted loan company.


Frequently Asked

The responsibilities of the Borrower include ensuring loan repayments are made on time each month and advising Visa Loans of any changes to their financial situation likely to affect the ability to fund the outstanding loan.